What is couture? Well, for one thing, it is a mesmerizing process to witness. It’s artistry. I think watching the process of couture is just as (or more) alluring than viewing it saunter down the runway. I’m particularly fond of this Dior video that shows the making of a haute couture dress.


Had I not seen the video I would have never known that they hand dyed the ribbons and handmade the fabric. Couture is the painstaking process of creating something exceptionally beautiful entirely by hand with raw materials. Our acrylic clutches are not poured into molds. Just like a luxury leather handbag begins as a raw hide, our craftsmen cut each piece from a sheet or block of raw Lucite and masterfully piece our clutches together by hand. In the spirit of haute couture, I designed my purse to have no “readymade” pieces. By honoring the essence of this process, my accessories’ signature is an exclusive hardware-free frameless design. No metal hinges. No factory bought clasps.


Our designs are hand painted making each clutch a unique, one-of-kind original collectable. They are finished by disassembling the purse and hand polishing each piece once over before it’s reassembled and hand polished as a complete purse. We don’t use flame torches to polish–in the realm of acrylic manufacturing that’s an economical shortcut.


Our manufacturing process celebrates and honors the legacy of a dying craft.


It’s likely you won’t find another fashion house creating couture acrylic purses using our processes.


Trust me, I’ve looked.