Lady Holiday‘s Ultimate Road Trip begins with picking up our dream grand touring Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG from the port of Seattle, Washington at Mercedes-Benz of Lynwood and driving it home to Laguna Beach, California.

Ultimate Road Trip #1 mapAcquiring this popular (and rare) supermodel was quite the feat. Not only was it near impossible to find one in black-on-black and fully loaded in the United States, when we got news that there was one on a ship headed to the US there were five other buyers in the nation trying to buy it. We actually interrupted a board meeting held over this much desired machine to wire our deposit—talk about an adrenaline rush and we hadn’t even gotten in the car yet!

Our version includes every gussied up option sans the $7,000 Bang & Olufsen sound system upgrade. And considering the 15-speaker harmon/kardon version rings loud and clear, who needs to drop an extra $7k?

“We can’t wait to meet you guys,” exclaimed Eric Anderson of Mercedes-Benz of Lynnwood, Washington. There’s not much mystery behind all they hype: One of the last of its kind and coming in metallic Obsidian black instead of regular noir; featuring every optional upgrade. And the very nature of being an AMG—one carmaker building and hand signing the machine—makes this CLS 63 AMG a true masterpiece that even gives butterflies to Merc-veterans at its welcoming home dealership. At the time of publish date the CLS 63 AMG is sold out and a quick search for used versions shows 2012’s starting at $110,000, which proves our pick is a valuable investment that doesn’t even incur a gas guzzler tax.


Lady Holiday’s Ultimate Road Trip #1 zips down America’s West Coast testing the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG’s P30 Package—winding through Oregon’s forests at the increased top speed of 186 mph (note: that’s a conservative max. speed estimate), cruising it like a limo through rain and snow with destination: Napa Valley, and taking the picturesque coastal route, Highway 1, to Big Sur, California.

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