I read a great article on The Washington Post about our changing face of luxury: Why Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada are in trouble.


It’s a good read, but in short—today’s luxury consumer wants something unique and hard-to-find, albeit maintains the level of craftsmanship that we’ve come to expect from the world’s finest fashion houses. An alternative luxury brand.

Luxury is, after all, an exclusive experience and that’s a difficult thing to control when you’re growing and saturating the market. Saturation isn’t just an increase in sales either. Market industry analysts are noticing that the presence of luxury brands in the social media-scape is desensitizing its consumers. Showing and reiterating something that once used to be special causes it to lose its sparkle. To add to the fast-moving media environment, social media is also making it difficult for luxury brands to keep up. “By the time things are hitting the stores, customers are over it,” said Aba Kwawu, principal of TAA PR, which works with luxury fashion clients. The article largely covers a hot political debate about income inequality and the wealthy’s desire to be discreet with their spending. Understated luxury is in. Flashy is out.


All this is important to me because I am a luxury brand.

I am a little luxury brand with big goals.

I don’t want to be a big luxury brand but, my goals require I saddle up alongside them.

I’ve spent a good deal of my time researching big luxury brands to understand every detail that contributes to what is luxury.


I am committed to creating beautiful, intelligent, well-crafted design.


I am devoted to continuing the heritage and legacy of my family’s 47-years of master craftsmanship.


I believe we have a responsibility to this planet to create things of substance, authenticity and functionality.


I’m a follower of ‘It takes a village.’ I feel you have to put out your vibe to find your tribe. So, I’ve made it my business to practice the values of luxury so that I can surround myself with likeminded people. People who appreciate innovation, celebrate success, strive to live a good life and to do things with purpose.


It’s an open invitation. Won’t you please join me?


With love,