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I love surprises, especially ones wrapped in pretty boxes! Today I received one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever unwrapped and it was from someone I’ve never actually met in person.

A design client-turned-dear friend of Mr.’s (who admits he lives vicariously through our lives via social media) sent me:

“5 small gifts from the ages to maybe inspire a new piece of your jewelry or just to hold in your hand as a reminder of our time and place in the ongoing history of this earth.”

Each individually wrapped relic featured its age and origin (clockwise from top left):

  1. 45-million-year-old petrified tree branch, Wyoming
  2. 150-million-year-old squid, Madagascar
  3. 50-year-old Pakistani coin from street market
  4. 200-year-old Chinese coin
  5. 800-year-old Anasazi pottery shard, found in Arizona

The timing of this inspirational and touching gift is impeccable—Mr. and I were just talking about working on my jewelry line this weekend!

And Mr. was not left out. His spin tops from Kido Products was accompanied with the sweet and witty note, “Aaron, Just a little something to say, ‘You’re tops kiddo!’ Looking forward to doing some great work together. We really don’t need gifts as we both have amazing wives as muses. Have a great Christmas and here’s to a fantastic 2014.”

Tops Kiddo

I feel utterly blessed to have such thoughtful friends in far places. For someone who has never met me personally, you totally ‘get’ me, Mel Ferrer, and I am so appreciative of your kind gesture. I can’t wait to share what comes of our weekend working with some new inspiration. Thank you!