advised by a heritage of craftsmanship and the insight of vanguard innovation

Welcome to my wonderland...

I’m inspired to create products of substance, authenticity and exoticism.

Innovation in materials and processes is the cornerstone of my brand.


"I'm enamored with the glamour and sense of progress that Art Deco evokes."

I appreciate contemporary design that illustrates spectacular craftsmanship.

With its diamond-like brilliance transparent acrylic is one of the most difficult mediums to fabricate with due to its unforgiving nature.

Among connoisseurs of craftsmanship a masterfully created item in clear acrylic is considered a trophy piece.

Diamond Cantilevered Acrylic Table handmade by our manufacturer and lead master craftsman, Aaron R. Thomas

Diamond Cantilevered acrylic table handmade by our manufacturer and lead master craftsman, Aaron R. Thomas

Diamond Cantilevered table by Aaron R. Thomas


I believe in designing and creating things that are impeccably made; timeless heirlooms. Thanks to today’s technology the face of craftsmanship is evolving—time-old techniques are being refined by advanced knowledge.

In my research for designing a purse that marries an iconic style with modernity I discovered the highest grade acrylic is utilized in aerospace, which led me to NASA.

We use the highest aerospace-grade acrylic for our clutches and I called on NASA engineers to help develop a modern aesthetic.

The result is a first-of-its-kind hardware-free frameless design. Constructed entirely by hand to our NASA specification tolerances the clutch is testament to ultimate craftsmanship.


Such high-tech aspirations not only produce a scintillating design, its precise engineering ensures belongings such as credit cards won’t slip through the cracks.

NASA engineered modern-inspired Stefanie Phan clear acrylic clutch

Honoring our dedication to innovation in materials and processes, we debuted the first clear acrylic clutch hand-gilded with genuine 24-karat gold.

READ MY LIPS graffiti bag by Stefanie Phan


Stefanie Phan Bespoke Bridal


Stefanie Phan featured in Orange Coast magazine Dec 2015