Drink Of The Year: Winter Sur at Sierra Mar, Post Ranch Inn
For sugar rim
For garnish
  1. In a cocktail shaker combine all cocktail ingredients with ice. Shake until blended and then strain into prepared Riedel O stemless wine tumblers.
Sugar rim
  1. mix two parts sugar with one part finely grated Buddha’s hand (or lemon) zest and rim Riedel O stemless wine tumbler—”We chose the Riedel O stemless wine tumbler for its whimsical, atrium-like appeal,” says Sarah Kabat, manager and sommelier at Post Ranch Inn’s Sierra Mar.
To serve
  1. To garnish, drop one sprig of Rosemary along with 2-3 Rosemary buds or flowers. The oils from the Rosemary ever so gently infuse a lovely aroma to this perfect any day of the year cocktail. Enjoy!
  2. Seasonal tip: Sierra Mar will be modifying the Winter Sur for spring by substituting OJ for Blood orange juice and replacing Buddha’s hand with orange zest in the sugar rim.