You can tell a lot about a lady by the bag she’s toting. With every intention to practice a less-is-more philosophy whilst curating a capsule wardrobe that reflects a style that I’ve coined as simply, “expensive,” I’ve met my match.

Ladies, meet Louise.

Albeit, she was a gift—thank you, honey—her price tag meets this newly baptized style criteria, but that isn’t the point of “expensive.” In every sense of the term, regardless of price, “expensive style” refers to a certain refined elegance and disposition à la Chanel, Hepburn and Loren. Admittedly, it’s a telltale sign that comes with the territory of a lady’s 30s—girl, it’s time to grow up. So what does one shoulder when making a graduating style statement?

Featuring a clasp with the unanimous symbol of luxury, Louis Vuitton’s Chain Louise is a petite purse (and clutch)—oh, the versatility!—just roomy enough to stash the essentials: phone, keys, money, cards, passport, gloss and a pen. Anything else would tip the less-is-more scale. In classic black with gold chain and clasp it’s my version of understated success.

Available at louisvuitton.com.