Lady Holiday

Founded by Stefanie Phan, is a digital media destination exploring the art of living well; its editorials are an evolving dialogue in defining luxury. LH’s core focus pivots on the value of quality. We do this by sharing the romance, stories, ideas and experiences that emerge in our quest for the good life. From where to go on holiday (and what to pack) to creating a delicious and healthy meal or picking the perfect hostess gift, Lady Holiday is a comprehensive online resource embracing a life well lived.

Ever since she can remember Stefanie has had an inherent fascination with the luxury of quality. This genuine appreciation for passion, attention to detail and craftsmanship guided her professional experience with Chanel, W and Riviera magazines. Inquisitive by nature Stef often seeks to meet interesting people and collect unique experiences and objects that she can share with an audience (whether it’s her family, friends or readers). It’s been a lifelong dream of Stef’s to create a space where the luxury of quality could be celebrated and shared with the world and in 2013 that dream manifested as Lady Holiday.