Finding—or creating—more Zen in our lives has become somewhat of a modern western cultural revolution. With yoga classified as a mainstream form of exercise (or daily practice) meditation has been embraced as a new religion or, for some, simply a way to quiet the constant chatter outside and in our heads. My biggest concern when I have tried to meditate is whether or not I am actually really meditating. So, I thought I would share with you a guided meditation by philosopher, Alan Watts that helped me get into the meditative state.

If you’re ready for a meditative bootcamp, Deepak Chopra and Oprah have teamed up to release a 21-day Desire and Destiny Meditation Experience. Each day you get a 20-minute guided meditation from the spiritual duo delivered straight to your inbox and it’s free. The program launched Nov. 11., but when you register you can access past days and catch up (to listen to the beginning days click on ‘Journal’ and on each day click ‘Go To Meditation.’). The program not only introduces how to meditate, but it’s specifically designed by Zen-guru, Chopra, to help you discover and manifest your deepest desires, which you’ll learn in the program, are your destiny.

To your health and wellness. Namasté.