For those that have a hard time falling or staying asleep (city dwellers with those endless sirens, I feel for you!), Dormio (developed by MindValley) is a lifesaving iPhone app featuring a library of sleep inducing meditation tracks developed by award-winning sound engineers. Simply pick your track—Urban Rain And Thunder is my fave—set the timer (1-99 minutes) and drift into a deep, restful slumber. Once you’re in dreamland and the timer has run its course the iPhone will power down, saving battery life. It’s been so effective for my light sleeping habits that we hook it up to our home audio system every night. Plus, here in California the closest thing we’ll get to rain and thunder storms is in our dreams.

Omvana mixerCome morning, the makers of Dormio have created Omvana—a meditation app that is so easy (and pleasant) to use that I’ve finally found a solution to making meditation a daily practice. With a growing library of personal growth tracks from guided audio meditations, creative visualizations, hypnosis sessions and inspirational talks to relaxation sounds and brainwave entertainment soundtracks. You even have the ability to mix your own compilation…my fave is the 6 Phase Meditation read by MindValley founder, Vishen Lakhiani, with The Vision Mediation soundtrack. It walks listeners through connection, gratitude, freedom from negative charges, creative visualization, intentions for the day and blessing, which is probably the only six things you should be focusing on to begin a day that makes your wildest dreams come true. To your health, well-being and making your dreams come true.

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