Spring has sprung! If we had to pick one way to welcome a new season we’d choose fresh cut flowers—in every room! Our second choice of seasonal celebration would be a party. And what better excuse to host a gathering than blossoms so pretty they beg an audience? We adore the lovebirds at Wild At Heart Californiatheir dreamy floral arrangements are the kind that leaves a smile-inducing spirit.

If you’re in Southern California join co-hosts ROOT and Wild At Heart at Workshops For A Reason: Working With Florals (tickets: $34) on April 12, 1-4PM at Salt Fine Art in Laguna Beach. All proceeds benefit UP, a local nonprofit middle school program led by UPLIFT founder, Erica Austin, and UPLIFT lead yoga instructor, Anthony Chavez. If you’re not in SoCal you can still donate to this amazing cause.

“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Dalai Lama

Spread some springtime love with this gorgeous seasonal DIY. Hanging on the front door or making a gorgeous table centerpiece this spring wreath is the perfect project for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Enjoy.



DIY Spring Wreath

Fresh Green Wreath with Spring Flowers


    • 1 x 15” floral foam wreath (available at any floral supply store) or online
    • 1 bunch of lemon leaf (about 20 stems)
    • 2 bunches of Ranunculus (about 20 stems)
    • 5 stems of Anemones
    • 6 Kumquat branches


1. Fully immerse oasis wreath in water for about an hour. When completely absorbed, remove and place on working surface. Be mindful that the wreath will leak while you’re working. Cut flowers & greenery so that the stems are about 3-inches long.

DIY: Spring Wreath Step 1

2. Starting at the top right side of the wreath, insert greenery stem first in a downward motion into the oasis so that the leaves lay flat against the surface. Repeat this in a clockwise motion until you’ve met back at the starting point.

DIY Spring Wreath

DIY Spring Wreath

3. Adding the kumquat branches, insert into the openings between the leaves spacing the clusters about 2-inches apart—or however you’d like!

DIY: Spring Wreath Step 3

4. The last step is adding the spring blooms—no rules here, just get creative and use your artistic eye! Note: Be careful not to break the fragile stems; pinch the tip as you insert the stems into the oasis. We like to cluster the blooms with the kumquats, working in a clockwise motion from the top.

DIY Spring Wreath

5. Finishing touches—if your wreath will be viewed from all directions (i.e. hanging on a door or as a centerpiece) add lemon leaves to the sides to fully cover the oasis.

DIY: Spring Wreath

Budget-friendly alternative: You can skip the blooms and opt for a fresh green wreath by adding more kumquats and other greenery of your choice!

DIY Spring Wreath alternative

Tell us, what’s your favorite thing about spring? Share with us in the comments below!