277 N. Avenida Caballeros
Palm Springs, CA 92664

Technically, these two exhibits sharing the convention center during V-Day aren’t united, but they might as well be. With (mostly) post-war and modern art & furniture, these fairs are essentially pop-up shops of tightly curated goods from smaller galleries and furniture showrooms. Forego the overpriced antique and vintage shops and peruse these show floors for something truly unique. Bonus: sign-up for the Palm Springs Modernism Committee while out there; private home tours book up as soon as the site goes live, but becoming a member broadens your wiggle room for openings, and you get free access to the self-guided architectural tour app.



800 N. Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92664

The interior is modern enough to be considered a departure from the retiree vibe that’s present in many PS establishments, but it’s also just kitsch enough to remind you that you’re not in L.A. anymore. How so? Hidden in the back of a courtyard, concrete and leather are the only two textures readily apparent in the design of this eatery, yet it shares much of its amenities with the neighboring businesses.

Although not marketed as a small plate space, it’s smart to order a bunch of items to share. Our favorites include the truffle risotto, anything sea bass, and a muddled ginger beer (we requested extra lime and mint on the side). Be sure to book reservations far in advance: we booked three weeks out, and thus we were able to score a booth.



4200 E. Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92664

We love The Parker, but not because its interiors are designed by Jonathan Adler; nor because the inviting sitting room has a fire pit with velour cushions and French-press coffee. It’s not even that the lush landscaping remind us of being at the Hearst Castle. In short, we love The Parker for the hammocks. An unexpected design element, I napped for a bit before the pre-brunch rush, and quite peacefully: this hotel has been described as “strangely quiet,” and “a place where I was afraid to talk,” by fellow writer Ariana Espiritu. It depends which weekend you happen to be staying. Nonetheless, if the Ace is summer camp, The Parker is Disneyland for adults—think fresh muddled cocktails by the pool; a daily ritual of spa, steam soak, repeat; and healthy competition encouraged throughout the lush grounds with life size chess, Pétanque, and Croquet—all with requisite bars close by. Even if you\’re not staying at The Parker, it\’s worth a visit for a drink, or two.

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