Making an imprint on the fashion industry might sound ambitious for a girl-next-door from South Carolina, but as one of the first-gen bloggers changing the face of fashion, Beth Jones, has managed to make her mark. The SoCal stylist was first swooped up as a brand ambassador for Quiksilver Womens in 2008 and has since been featured in Vogue’s eminent September issue, attended Fashion Week, worked with Mercedes-Benz and Banana Republic, and wrote the fashion styling book, Style It—not bad for a blogger with no formal industry background. cont’d… 

As a girl Jones dreamed of taking the Broadway stage, but quickly found her passion in vintage clothing and planned to get her foot in fashion’s door with her own curated store called Vintage Society. “But blogging and everything took off so much faster and differently than I ever expected that I decided not to open Vintage Society and I’ve since rebranded myself as BJonesStyle,” Jones explains.

Her sharp eye for detail and effortless mix of old and new goes beyond the wardrobe—her cute three-bedroom apartment in an unsuspecting Costa Mesa complex set the stage for our photo shoot. “I always think the lady next door must wonder what I do for a living receiving packages all dressed up like this. You know, because it’s not like fashion blogging existed in her day,” jokes Jones of the glamorous rapport the gig receives. In retrospect, Jones counts the Quik partnership as a defining moment in her career—“I saw the contest on Nylon magazine’s website and didn’t tell anyone I entered, but I got a call back. That opportunity allowed me to see and do everything. From there I just continued to knock on doors and meet new people,” Jones explains. Naturally, the lover of all things vintage hasn’t strayed far from Broadway’s costume closet and defines her style as, “Anything that’s dramatic or really character driven. I’m always drawn to the trend that’s a little over the top.” And of late, Jones is gearing up for a role with a whole new wardrobe: motherhood. We can’t wait to see how her growing bump gets BJonesStyled.

Photography by Geoff Ragatz