LAGUNA BEACH, CA – June 16, 2015 – Stefanie Phan, a new Laguna Beach-based designer and maker of luxury lifestyle accessories has launched a collection of handcrafted acrylic clutch purses with fine art finishes, including genuine 24-karat gold. 

Phan, a former magazine editor, entered the fashion industry with internships at W magazine and Chanel. She began developing the eponymous handbag collection in 2014. Phan credits her husband, artist and master craftsman, Aaron R. Thomas for encouraging her to pursue design. The pair met in 2010 during a photo shoot for a magazine article where she was profiling Thomas. With clients including Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, Marc Jacobs, Philippe Starck and Mercedes-Benz, Thomas is no stranger to the luxury industry and Phan appropriately appointed him to oversee the engineering and handcrafting of her collection. 


“I love the glamour and sense of progress Art Deco evokes. It was a revolution that united arts with industry and I wanted to replicate those values in a contemporary interpretation,” says Phan. Inspired to innovate with superior craftsmanship and exotic materials Phan’s debut collection breaks new ground by offering the first NASA-engineered, clear acrylic purse with finishes in 24-karat gold, 23-karat rose gold and silver. 


Gold Lucite Clutches
Gold Lucite Clutches


In the spirit of innovation Phan chose clear acrylic to showcase the new face of craftsmanship, which she describes as time-old traditions refined by advanced technology. “There is a distinct sense of nostalgia associated with acrylic purses, yet the material itself has an industrial element. My designs are for the modern woman who appreciates the intersection of timeless style and contemporary design,” says Phan. The purses are handcrafted in aerospace-grade clear acrylic and polycarbonate to showcase Thomas’ dexterity in a medium whose transparent nature is unforgiving of mistakes. In further researching the material Phan employed a NASA engineer to consult on a modern aesthetic. Consequently, Phan is proud to announce the accessories’ signature is an exclusive and first-of-its-kind, hardware-free, frameless design.


NASA engineered modern-inspired Stefanie Phan clear acrylic clutch 195


The lineup of clutches feature unique fine art finishes, including designs hand-gilded with 24-karat gold, 23-karat rose gold, silver and hand painted designs, such as a La Perla lingerie-inspired Chantilly lace print. Each clutch purse is handmade in Laguna Beach, California and has 10-40 hours dedicated to one master craftsman. The collection is available online at


Stefanie Phan is a luxury lifestyle accessories designer based in Laguna Beach, California. The former magazine editor, who first entered the fashion industry with internships at W and Chanel, expresses a unique style that eloquently combines laid-back with luxe. Phan’s namesake brand was founded by a desire to create products of substance, authenticity and exoticism. In the spirit of savior-faire innovation in materials and processes is the cornerstone of Phan’s brand. Currently the designer has a collection of luxury acrylic clutch purses with exotic fine art finishes, including 24-karat gold and hand painted designs. You are invited to learn more about Stefanie Phan at:


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